He’s My Broth…wait…

He’s my brother-in-law! [slap!] He’s my uncle! [slap!] He’s my brother-in-law! [slap!] He’s my uncle! [slap] He’s my brother-in-law! [slap!] He’s my unc…

– by Don Ecsedy, March 8, 2013

If there is one thing I’ve learned researching Roswell it is to confirm everything or don’t use it.

In the Jason Kellahin version of the Brazel interview, he wrote:

Brazel said he hadn’t heard of the “flying discs” at the time, but several days later his brother-in-law, Hollis Wilson, told him of the disc reports, and suggested it might be one.

In The Roswell Incident we have this from Bill Brazel, Jr.

“[...] during a discussion with my uncle, Hollis Wilson and someone that he knew from Alamogordo, that he first heard about the flying saucer reports that were sweeping this area at that time”.

That makes sense, doesn’t it? Hollis is Mack’s brother-in-law, which makes him Bill Brazel’s uncle, because Bill is Mack’s son.

However, these two relationships get conflated by Schmitt and Carey in Witness to Roswell:

“Besides the Proctors and the Sultemeiers, he [Mack Brazel] took samples of the debris to his uncle Hollis Wilson, and perplexed patrons of Wade’s Bar in Corona would hand fragments from one end of the bar to the other, each one attempting to cut or burn the pieces.”

The authors repeat this story a few years later in The Roswell Incident: An Eyewitness Account

And so, it is all over the www.

Allow me to clarify: Hollis was Mack’s wife’s (Maggie M. Brazel) younger brother (by five years).


BTW, Mrs. Brazel’s name Maggie is not a nickname for Margaret, nor does her middle initial stand for Margaret. Her birth name was Maggie Mae Wilson.

I’ve been told that I’m “pedantic”, “over complicated”, and concerned with “trivia” and “trash”. Now you know why, and where I think the “trash” is.

Just to note, Hollis died in 1992, which means he was around to be interviewed, but apparently he wasn’t, so we don’t have a first hand account from the person who first told Mack about the saucers or what Mack thought of it.

It’s only Roswell, Don, forget it.