Rhodes Photographs

– by Don Ecsedy, March 28, 2014

This page catalogs the reproductions of Rhodes photographs that appear to have been made from prints.

Images made at the Arizona Republic are easily recognized because they are ‘flipped’. The first has a reference point: a tree line.. Both are cropped. The second is also enlarged, about twenty times according to CIC SA Aldrich.

Project Blue Book

NARA Roll 94 — and elsewhere in PBB

Notice that the first image has the proper orientation. AMC was able to make a print from the negative received from Hamilton Field. However, the second image is flipped, which means it came from the Arizona Republic. This is evidence AMC did not have the second negative.

The Pentagon, December 1948

In the 1948 Analysis of Flying Object Incidents in the US, we get our first look at nearly the complete frames of Rhodes photos in the top two, which are oriented properly, which means the second print was made from a negative and is not from the Arizona Republic. Since neither AMC nor PBB had the second negative, it is evidence the Pentagon had both negatives, whether original or copies made at Hamilton Field (which also had two negatives). Note the reference points, especially the telephone pole in the upper right corner of the first photo. The two in the bottom row appear to be the same as appeared in PBB. The first enlargement is oriented properly; it may have been made at AMC. The second, still flipped, is from the Arizona Republic

The Pentagon, April 1949

The 1949 images are from the html markup of the 1949 version of the Analysis published by the Project 1947 website. I cannot guarantee it accurately reflects the 1949 report for which I do not have a photocopy. Note how the telephone pole is cropped out of this later edition.

Kenneth Arnold

From his pamphlet The Flying Saucer As I Saw It, 1950

The first image is the best image published that I know of. It is identical to the December 10, 1948 image in the Analysis, the only sources for it being Hamilton Field, A2 or the Pentagon. Arnold said he was given the prints by A2, having been referred to them by Captain Davidson and Lt Brown while in Tacoma. The third image is a cropped enlargement of the second photo properly oriented. Arnold has included a cropped enlargement of the first photo oriented similarly to the way he said Captain Davidson had drawn it for him. It looks like a crop was simply set in the page sideways. Not having a negative, Arnold couldn’t flip it to conform closer to the drawing.

Dr James E. McDonald, 1967

In Ted Bloecher’s Report on the UFO Wave of 1947, Dr. McDonald published Arnold’s photos. The ordering is reversed. We see a larger version of the 2nd photo than Arnold included in his pamphet. It is still not as complete, though, as the one in the 1948 Analysis. This and the 1948 Analysis are the only places the first photo was published with the telephone pole reference point.

I have not found any other lineages of Rhodes’ photos, except one, which I will discuss next.