Rhodes 1954

– by Don Ecsedy, May 2012

1954 -- Project Blue Book


Six and a half years after Rhodes' sighting, we have a one sentence Routing And Record Sheet from Lt Colonel W. K. Smith, Directorate Of Intelligence, DCS/0:

These negatives and explaining letter were brought to this office for final disposition, therefore, we are forwarding to you.

The "explaining letter" was likely based on Colonel Porter's recommendations of June 18, 1952.

Just to note, returning them to Rhodes at this date puts them safely beyond the Pearson television broadcast by 1 1/2 years.


Was the "final disposition" to return them to Rhodes? The mention of "explaining letter" seems to support that conclusion. Were they the original negatives, or duplicates? Or were they what Ruppelt had suggested to neutralize a possibly "touchy" situation: make negatives from the prints? A kind of forgery.


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