Civilian Investigations of Incident #40, Rhodes

– by Don Ecsedy, May 2012

This section will contain reports of investigations of Incident #40 by ufologists who either interviewed Rhodes or had access to prints of his photos.

So far, I've obtained

I will be reviewing the above on this site in the near future.

Other material I'm aware of, but haven't located: Dr McDonald's correspondence with Richard Hall in 1967 regarding McDonald's interview of Rhodes; the materials collected from Rhodes by The Sign Historical Group, and its recorded interview of Rhodes around 2000; Linda Howe's 1999 interview.

The photo study in Hewes' article was done by Ground Saucer Watch. I don't know if it was written up in their bulletin, nor do I know if Bill Spaulding wrote anything about it.

There is the issue of the Rhodes photographs provided to Kenneth Arnold by the Air Force, according to Dr. McDonald, as well as the matter of Brown and Davidson drawing the object from the Rhode's photos for Kenneth Arnold while in Tacoma during the Maury Island investigation.

If anyone can provide information about the above materials or if anyone knows of other investigations, please provide the information to don at this website.

David Halperin provided this one which was used to illustrate the serialization of Kenneth Arnold’s The Coming of the Saucers in Ray Palmer’s Flying Saucers Magazine, October 1958.

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